Atul Verma

Experience:10 Years


Email:[email protected]

Atul Verma

Co-founder & Senior Teacher


Atul has dedicated himself to practising, studying and teaching yoga since 2013. His yoga journey began under a Himalayan Master where he was introduced to this ancient science and got trained for years.
He is trained in all the styles of yoga with profound knowledge of ancient science of yogic practices, anatomy and modern exercise physiology.
As a teacher, his classes present yoga as a flexible, detailed and characterised experience. His classes explore and integrate movement and meditation in a way that empowers each student’s health and fitness immensely. Atul encourages students to express and engage with yoga in an accessible, authentic and responsible way. He focuses on breathing and deepening body and mind awareness as he guides students through various asanas. Promoting self-healing by eliminating daily stress through different tactics of yogic practices which also includes right eating, detoxification which helps your body to balance hormones, calm nervous system, strong immunity.
Let yoga make your life more happy and meaningful..!


Advanced yoga abilities and techniques
Strong interpersonal
Effective session planning
Knowledge of anatomy